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Google Ads е платена платформа за реклама, която дава шанс на вас и бизнеса ви да се изкачите сред водещите позиции в търсачката на Google.

Service Overview


Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that gives you and your business a chance to rise to the top of the Google search engine. This type of advertising is called Pay-Per-Click, which makes it clear that you only pay per click. This means that even if there is no click, most people have seen the name of your business and it is “sealed” in their minds.

This platform presents your business to customers among all network partners, and billing is done only by clicking on a link that leads to your website. This type of click is called “lead”, and each “lead” guarantees not only quality traffic, but also the display of even more online users.

Best features

This type of advertising mainly refers to the keywords that the client enters into the search engine. However, Google allows a lot of variety for advertising, and there are also display and video ads.

YouTube ads

Display ads

ads optimization

Why Google Ads


Through this platform, you attract new customers. For Google, it doesn’t matter what your goal is – to bring new customers to your website, to increase your sales, to convince the customer to come back, or for the phones in the office to ring. This way of advertising is right for you!

It’s hard to find an advertising platform that gives you statistics on how much you spend, as Google Ads does. Clicks, impressions, cost-per-click, clickthrough rate, cost, and profit are just some of the numbers that the Google platform will present to you, over a period of time of your choice.

The biggest difference between the people you’re reaching with Google Ads and the people you’re reaching with other forms of advertising is their intent.

On social media, for example, people aren’t looking to be advertised to. They’re not looking for solutions to the issues that plague their everyday lives. They’re looking for baby pictures and vacation photos and family updates. And when you advertise to someone who doesn’t want to be advertised to, there’s a better chance you get tuned out.

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